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Job Interviews

I had a job interview today. Man it was rough. I forgot to brush up on my skills and knowledge in computer science and tried to wing the interview. Bad idea. Even though I felt I answered most of the questions decently, it was still very challenging. I bet those guys thought I was an idiot.

[+]A note to anyone who is thinking about or about to get an interview for a programming job.

Make sure you know about data structures, algorithms, efficiencies of data structures, linked list vs arrays(not dynamic), sql statements such as joins and why NULLS are bad in tables.

If you list a programming language be prepared to answer some questions about it. I thought I knew a lot about python. Turns out I was still not too knowledgeable about the simplest stuff. 

This was quite the experience but I think for my next interview I will go in more prepared.


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