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New Angry Birds(Maybe)

So I'm a huge fan of angry birds and while playing the game I thought hey I want to make some birds to break things. So here are some of the birds I created (with the exception of the first one).

Let me know what you guys think.
If you would like to study the drawing feel free to download the Inkscape SVG file.
Right click then hit save link as: newbirds.svg
All rights reserve to the original artists.


  1. really nice rando!!!! :D they are pretty cute! and i like the angry bird game too!

  2. these are awesome! I can't wait to make one in your workshop!

  3. Fantastic pictures,
    You should break them down into 5 pictures and enter the competition here.
    There have been loads of ideas already, you have to upload them here, and maybe come up with some special attacks as well.
    Good luck if you enter

  4. Thank you Matthew. Just who are you?

  5. did u meet with the creators of angry birds

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this file!

    1. No prob it's what I do. Ashame I am not referenced because Rovio's new birds look so similar to mine.


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