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Showing posts from March, 2011

Inkscape Character 7: Me as a Simpsons Character.

Download: simpson.svg

Inkscape: More Buttons

I've been making buttons for my friends lately this one is for Josh Okon with his mp3 player project.
To download the file right click hit save link as: buttons4josh.svg

Inkscape: Sexy Buttons

Made some sexy buttons from the Tech Republic Ad.
Download: sexybutton.svg

Inkscape Graphic Design Workshop I

So today I did a workshop at my University on Inkscape and decided to do a business logo advertising a Made up company called Lemon Drop Inc. which makes the best lemonade ever. I would like to share these files with everyone. The archive will also contain additional files that you can play around with.

Buttons! Everybody loves buttons.

Here are some free buttons I did for a classmate.

Download file: buttons4eddie.svg

Inkscape: Design

Here are some free gamer tags. Feel free to download them. Add Icons or whatever you like.
Download file: gamertag.svg

Inkscape: Doodle

Here is a doodle I did in my office. I learned how to do swirls in Inkscape so this is awesome!
Here is Agent Iwona Fukyomama. (lol...)

Inkscape: Kawaii Friends

Did this one for work.
Download svg file here: kawaii_friends